Monday, 29 April 2013



sometimes we underestimate
we judge and we hate
we jump into conclusion too quickly

its not fair
to everyone around because
we have never walk in their shoes,
we never take time to listen to their stories

not fair to ourselves because
we steal our time which is given to check every inch of us
we are the real traitor
being unjust by letting ourselves get left behind, without improvement

not fair to Allah
because as if we are taking control of His Job
Allah Knows every single little things, every atom and every frequency ever existed in humans' hearts
while we are zero in that

we forget
Allah is waiting for that person to turn to Him
while we, the ignorant, waiting to see more of his bad attitude get revealed
to create an interesting story line about him.

may ALLAH forgive us..
and may we start extending love instead of passing judgement.

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