Saturday, 12 October 2013


even until now, the eyes easily get wet when Friday comes.
even until now, nearly 4 months.

everytime i see people carrying their bags, with a smile
and yes, the answer is written on their faces, already.
i just waved my hand "Have a nice holiday home"

and as we passed each other
i turned around to see them again.
"how does it feel to be with loved ones every weekend, how does it feels when u can act like a 7-year-old kid again and be ugly anytime whenever u go back home each Saturday?"

it must be wonderful.
for i rarely (like seriously) can spend time with my family
even if i can, it would be like 4 or 5 days max (like seriously) after 2 months pass
but i know theres a lot out there who's been experiencing the same or even worse

like what i heard just now in Fardhu Ain class
about sacrifice, or in a deeper phrase - PENGORBANAN
about how Nabi Ibrahim a.s. and his beloved son, Nabi Ismail a.s.
they had just met after YEARSSS of separating from each other,
they had just started to spend time together, to exchange stories that were meant to be shared between son and dad

but on that very precious moment, Allah ordered Ibrahim to slaughter Ismail,
or to make it simple, taking away his own son's life with his own bare hands
in front of his own eyes

and yeah both of the beautiful souls accept it ,
to the extent that the slaughtering tool was sharpen and his body was tied to ensure the slaughtering process went smoothly
can u imagine that?
after hours and days and weeks and years of longing in asunder
and now they met just to bid farewell again?
ok just imagine you and your mom/dad in this position.

Allah is Most Merciful and Most Loving
He does everything for the best reasons and meanings
Ismail was replaced with a 'kibas' from Paradise
and Allah intended to test both of them as well as

believe it or not,
the story hit me hard, real hard
even though it had been told many times before
as if this time Allah is telling it right to my face "Dear Dini remember this , listen to this....."

how i can relate to this very much
how Allah reminds me of this in perfect timing
that my story is not that worse as compared to them, the holier ones

parting is not always bad
sometimes (most of the times) u love them MORE

parting reminds you that this is not Jannah,

parting is a SACRIFICE (read BIG)
and right now i'm stepping on the same path at which the Prophets (a.s) had taken
and right now
this is a beautiful pain I love.

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