Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Not perfect.

Dini, you must know
not everyone will satisfy your heart
not everybody will understand you
not every people will show they care for you
not every person will make you smile
yea that's life

you must learn too
the persons who love you
they will not always make you happy and loved
not always make you feel understood
not 24 hours pay attention to you
not 3600 seconds be there for you
not always can read your heart and feeling
not always give you what you want
not every time , not every time
you should know

they are NOT PERFECT
just like you.

stop expecting them to give their superb treatment towards you

they are not perfect
and will never be

they make mistakes
they need time
they also have feeling

you must learn Dini
to attach your hope and expectation
only and only
to The One who Loves you every time.
who understands , listens to you

Allah loves you Dini. it is INFINITY

# I found it sooo hard to persuade and calm my heart these days. Keep on telling myself, "Everythings happens for good reasons" . Ya Allah help me through this. 

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