Friday, 17 August 2012


Wish I could have more time on blogging . And insyaAllah wanna have a Twitter account someday.
After SPM ,duhh.


It's okay! always always look at the positive side.
that's what I'm struggling.

Anyway , my soulmate / teman bergaduh , bertampar , and menggedik just came back from Japan last Wednesday..
My brother a.k.a Uteh .
And tak tahulah dia makin besar tapi makin mengada-ngada . suka ajak aku berkarate. haiiishh!

And we just found this video when we are surfing the Net together.
An inspiring video made by an inspiring person.
MashaAllah , may we have at least one of these good qualities..
Enjoy watching ^^

# Ramadhan dah nak pergi. tapi masih berbaki. Sayu dan sedih... Miss you already, Ramadhan.
Allahumma ballighna Ramadhan . <3

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